Indiana University Medical Center

  1. I was just offered a new grad position at IU medical center. How is the culture there? I will be relocating from the East Coast (I'm originally from the Midwest.. that's why I chose Indy). Everyone in the interview process seemed great. I need to let the recruiter know by Friday.
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  3. by   captncourageous98
    I worked for Clarian Health (IU Hospital) for 5.5 yrs. I loved it! It is a teaching hospital and the staff I worked with was great. I worked a GI unit and also Organ Transplant. I hope you get the job!
  4. by   lar2001
    I had 3 interviews (1 at IU/2 at Methodist). I was offered two positions. I'm leaning towards the IU position. I *think* it's Krannert 6S? General Surgery. It looks like a really good place to learn how to be a nurse. Kinda scary... Kinda exciting... I have one more interview in PA next week, but I'm leaning towards making the move back to the Midwest. (Ugh.. which means... I need to pack.)