Indiana State University BSN

  1. Is any one else applying to the Indiana State University's BSN program for Fall 2010? Has any one gone through the program? Any thoughts, advice, encouragement, cheers...? Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   sweetp06
    I am thinking about it. Trying to consider my options.
  4. by   MeganS
    I have applied for Fall 2010 and am waiting to hear of my acceptance
  5. by   dollface6
    Awesome! I haven't turned in my app yet but will soon. A little hurdle came up that may stop me from getting in Fall 2010...Comm 101. I was first told at first since I have a BA already that I didn't have to take it and recently found out that I actually do
  6. by   dollface6
    Forgot to write this above...Megan S good luck, hope u get in! sweetp06 I'm also considering some other schools, probably ones in Indianapolis tho
  7. by   sweetp06
    Good luck to you both! MeganS and Dollface6!!!