i know this has been asked before but.................

  1. what are the wages for lpn's in indiana, preferrably in southbend?????

    just asking, and what about the pay for rn's????

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  3. by   kermitlady
    Well, I live in central IN and it depends on the place you work at. I work LTC and the lowest pay I've seen is $14.50/hr (for a new grad, at the place who pays lowest). Currently, I make $18.75/hr with an awesome nurse-to-resident ration (esp. for LTC). Doctor's office's, not nearly as good paying as LTC. Seriously, there is this one MD complex in town that offered a critical care trained RN $9/hr!!!! She laughed at them all the way out the door. Our urgent care centers don't pay LPN's all that well either. The last I heard was about $13/hr. Couldn't even begin to tell you hospital wages...

    I can never remember exactly where South Bend is (except that it's towards the Northern part of the state) but I'm in Kokomo.