Has anyone taken the NCLEX-rn in indiana?

  1. Hi I would love anyone's opinions on how the test was and what types of guides did you use to study for it?
    Thank You
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  3. by   kclarkrn86
    I love the Saunders NCLEX RN Examination book and the Illustrated Guide to NCLEX-RN but the best was a Kaplan book I got that guarantees you will pass or you get your money back for the book. It really helped break down questions for me in an easier to understand way. I also recommend doing the NCLEX tutorial because it shows you what it will be like when you take the test!!
  4. by   jsnyder0517
    Any Saunders is helpful but get the actual pearson review book. Pearson you know is the company that facilitates/administers the test. There was verbatim questions on my boards in their study tools. Barnes n nobles has them