cna work after passing nursing fund.

  1. I was wondering if ia student can do cna work after passing nursing fundamentals? What are you considered at that point? Thanks.
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  3. by   CAT-CNA
    Are you referring to just the class or the lab too? If it is just the class then no you cannot work as a cna, you have to have so many hours of clinicals in order to do so. The state of Indiana requires a cna license to work as a cna. You can call the department of health and ask them what you need to do, you might just have to set up a day and time to take your state test. For me, after I had finished cna class, I was allowed to work in a facility for 90 days w/o my license, then I had to take my test. The test is 2 parts, written and hands on. Don't be intimidated by the woman, I was and failed my hands on the first time and had to wait a few months to retake that part of the test.
  4. by   CuriousMe
    Contact your state Board of Nursing. I know that in my state we're eligible for a CNA license after the first year of nursing school.