Can't find any programs on West side of Indianapolis (near Avon) other than IUPUI...

  1. So, I've just realized that there are virtually no LPN or ASN programs on the West side of Indianapolis or even in Central Indianapolis... I just don't get it.

    I don't want to take a CNA program if I'm going to have to drive far, because that makes no sense. I want to take a LPN or ASN program...

    Does anyone know of any new schools opening or lesser-known schools?
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  3. by   Radnursewannabe
    I totally understand. I myself am trying to get into the LPN program at JEL and do a bridge program. Some one told me about Ball states LPN track but u have to physically go there for the summer and the rest is online. Again this was told to me so I don't know this for a fact. And I know U of I LPNs can apply to the nursing program and test out of some classes but it really expensive to go to that school. If you find anything new please let me know. Good luck!