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  1. Hello All,

    I have come here in desperation because I am at a loss. I have incorporated so many different study techniques and time management skills into learning A&P however with 35 hours a week being consumed by my work schedule I am desperately falling behind. I have already passed all the sciences required for the nursing programs 7 years ago in Texas, it seems as though my memory has failed me because I am not able to retain the information like I used to. All I am asking for is some insight and help regarding what to study and how to study it? Also any material would be beyond helpful, including things you found life saving during your A&P courses. I am becoming increasingly miserable because it seems no matter what I study and for how much time I am still only receiving low B's and high C's on the exams. I am at Ivy Tech with Professor ******* ***, if that matters at all.

    If you are willing my email is and will accept any information or help you are willing to give.

    Thank you in advance for your responses!
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