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Independent NP practice in Nursing Home/SNF


In states where the scope of practice includes independent practice, is it possible to contract with LTC/SNF/nursing homes as an independent NP? If so, are there any resources available that I can read relating to this? Or, does anyone have any suggestions how to start the contract process?

Theoretically, it may be possible, but I do not know of anyone who actually does this. Even in states with independent practice, insurance companies will not reimburse NPs without a collaborator.

Also, LTC facilities universally have some type of medical provider in place. Medicare requires q 60 day visits by physicians. Most MDs have NP employees who cover the in between visits. I can assure you the physicians profit very substantially from this arrangement. So you would have to fit yourself somehow into this scenario, essentially taking their profit away.

Even if you could get in to a facility as a provider, your orders would likely be subject to very intense scrutiny. Most facilities are covered by provider groups who work together.

This is my opinion and experience. I would be glad to hear if anyone has had a different experience.