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In Need Specialties For Travel Nursing?

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by techraider77 techraider77 (Member)

techraider77 has 7 years experience and works as a Periop RN.

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What are the specialties that are most need by travel nursing agencies? Very interested in going into this after graduation. Thank you.

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AniRN works as a Hospice RN.

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I too am looking into traveling nursing, but I just graduated and the companies I have talked to say I need a year of experience as an RN before travelling, even though I have been an LPN for almost 4 years.

I am hoping to get into either L&D or mom/baby, are these areas that support travelling nurses?

Sorry, techraider, I didn't answer your question, hoping someone will!

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You will need at least a year's experience before traveling.

I have heard that L&D jobs are harder to get - but that's not my specialty so I am not sure.

I traveled in Telemetry and had no lack of jobs.

ICU is also a needed traveling specialty... but they require at least 2 years or more for that.....

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Valerie Salva has 19 years experience.

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The most in demand specialties for travelers are Med surg, ICU, and ER.

Most companies now want two solid years of experience in a specialty before they will accept a traveler.

With the economy the way is is, travel positions are way down, and are paying less than they have in the past.

A common tactic is for travel agencies to advertise positions they don't have in order to lure a nurse into applying. They then say "that position is filled, but we'd like you for this other (lower pay, less desireable location) position."

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