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im a 21 year old nursing student in need of guidence.


ok, i just got my associates degree in nursing from Florida State College in Jacksonville. while im waiting for nursing programs to begin accepting applications, is there anything i can do to increase my chances of getting accepted.

Ace587RN, RN

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wouldnt hurt to apply

take classes where u were planning on going to school. I took all my prereqs at my community college and l got right in first application whereas others with 3.5GPAs had to apply more than once


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you want to get your BSN? Look into on line courses

If you trying to apply to a BSN program then you research the prospective BSN school's curriculum to see if you have all the required related courses needed to apply for thr program. However, if you are done with all the required courses then you should take classes that will build onto your knowledge as RN such as Psych classes, advance Pharmacology, PathoPhy, Chemistry, Human Pathogen / diseases courses offered at your local communitu college. Those are some of the classes I took during my wait.