I'm still waiting for for my ATT CODE for almost 2 months now!


Hello eveyone!I have taken my nclex-pn on july 14 '16 and I failed unfortunately. I got my letter saying I failed on August 9 and re-registered on August 20 at breeze and paid 200 at pearson on sept 30. I have been waiting since to get my ATT CODE via email or mail, but I still have not gotten it yet. I have called BVNPT a hundred times, but I couldn't get a hold of them. I always get this at the end of the call, "Due to high call...., we are unable to answer your call at this time...." then it hung up all the time. I have used my phone my, mom's and our house phone but it's always the same. Few of my friends that are also waiting for their ATT have called and were able to get a hold of someone. My friend had teased me saying "They've auto reject your call. hahaha." Please help! I don't know how else to do just to contact them. If you guys have the same issue as me please let me know and to anyone else that did not have a problem getting their att code please let me know how long you waited from re-registering in breeze and pearson to getting the code.

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