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I'm a partially happy


Hello guys, just want to tell you I failed the 2nd time taking NCLEX. I'm a bit depressed bowt it. I scheduled my 2 exams CGFNS and NCLEX last sept and I passed my CGFNS. Now reviewing again for this NCLEX killer. Reviewing again is so depressing but this is my dream, to be an NCLEX-RN, so try again....Study again and be motivated again. Just hope It's my time, hope I will make it!tsk..:banghead: tsk..

Not sure why you wrote the CGFNS exam since there are only four states out of the entire US that require it.

And the preparation for the NCLEX exam is completely different than what is needed for the CGFNS exam.

If you could get thru the CGFNS exam, you just need to change your focus on the preparation for this exam and you should be able to get thru it. But please do not rush to take it, and spend the time to prepare properly for it.

You can do it and best of luck to you.

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