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I'm managing my project in Trello


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So my summer semester is about to wrap up and I'm headed into my last didactic semester of my BSN-to-DNP program. I've got to have my practice transformation project done by December and I think I'm on track.

We've been asked to share our projects with some of the new students starting out, so I thought I'd record a quick video of how I'm using Trello to manage my project. Before nursing I was a Web programmer and project manager, so once I found Trello I was hooked! You can log your hours in it too - but I think you have to pay for that part of it, so I'm just logging all of my hours in a Word document.

Hope somebody might find this useful, I'm glad my wife finally talked me into trying it. My project has been a lot easier to manage since moving it into Trello.


LOVE THIS!!! I am an extremely visual person who also struggles with ADD (and have my whole life). I can see endless opportunities for this program, both formal project and personal task-wise. Where was it when I was working on my Master's??? A google doc was great, but this? Even better. Bookmarked it and ready to use it soon!!!