Im interested in EDUKAN.


Hello all.

I am interested in taking some classes with Edukan.

I do have some questions to help me in my decision.

Can someone please tell me about they're accreditation? do they have a link, i cant find it on the website.

Are the exams/quizzes proctored or 100 % online? Do the quizzes/exams correlate with the outline or information studied?

Any info on anything about this school will help.




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Per google search, the web address is :

I just browse through this site - - can't seem to find the accreditation for the school. I suggest you contact the school directly to get all of your questions and/or concerns addressed. Good luck:-)



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Edukan is a group of community colleges in the state of Kansas. You select a community college to hold your transcripts/student record out of the 5.

The final in the class is usually proctored. You can go to a community college in your area and ask them to proctor, or go to a tutoring center like a Silvan Learning Center and ask them to proctor.

The other tests, or quizzes are online.