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Im confused. HELP!

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by kmlpn5 kmlpn5 (New Member) New Member

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Hello everyone, I've been reading the postings on here regaurding RUE. It seems as though everyone is in agreement that RUE is a waste of money and perhaps a bit of a scam. I had every intention of signing up with them. My confusion is this, I need to take almost all of my prerequisites for excelciors RN program. Don't I NEED to go through RUE or a similiar program to take the prerequisites before I can start the RN?

I'd appreciate everyones knowledge, apparently I'm not clear enough about what I'm getting into. It's quite a large financial commitment, which is fine, as long as it's something I have to do.

Thanks everyone!;)

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rnlately has 6 years experience and specializes in LTC, Acute Care.

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I was initially going to sign with RUE but I read the posts of others here and decided against it. There are usually used College Network/RUE/Chancellors study guides for sale on ebay. These can be used to study the info needed in order to take the CLEP/EC exams. Best of wishes to you in your study.

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Jo Dirt has 9 years experience.

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I have an LPN friend who thought Rue, College Network, Chencellor's, etc. were affiliated with Excelsior College and it was required you sign up with them before Excelsior. This could not be further from the truth.

Excelsior is a separate entity altogether, and if you call them they will advise you against associating yourself with these for profit publishing companies.

My friend said the sales rep let her believe she MUST sign a contract with their company to go through Excelsior's program.

I wish these places would be shut down for spreading misinformation like that.

I never used any of their study guides. I used the free ones Excelsior sends you and I got by. The only service from a publishing company I used was the week-long CarePlan Conference offered by Chancellor's to prepare you for the CPNE, which I found invaluable.

Don't sign anything!!! If you feel more secure buying a study guide from one of these places buy a used one off ebay!

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