I'm baaaaaack!

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It's been a few years, almost four I think, since I resigned from my school nursing job to be a stay at home foster mommy, but I was very active here while I was working. Well, a lot has happened in those years! My husband and I have adopted five awesome kids and have closed our home, so we will not be fostering anymore. We have a boy aged 10, and girls ages 8, 6, 4 and 3! We finalized our most recent adoption a year ago tomorrow, so we've decided the time is right for me to get back to work. I go tomorrow morning to talk to my former director of Health Services to see when she can put me back to work. My hope is that I can be placed in an elementary school where my 6 yr old kinder kiddo can come with me. She has cystic fibrosis and I've been homeschooling her so we can fit in extra treatments that keep her healthy. That will be a lot easier to do if she can come with me, plus she won't have to go to after school care at a daycare in our home district. Wish me luck, and I hope to be back in your ranks very soon!

Tina, RN

Tina, RN

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Welcome back! :)

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Welcome back Purple (((big hug to you!)))

mc3 👋

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Welcome back! I hope it all works out.

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Welcome back! And wonderful to hear about your children! Congrats! :)



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Welcome back! Good luck getting into the perfect job! And congrats on the additions to your family!!

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WELCOME BACK !! You sound so happy ! Great to have you back with us ! :up:

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Wave Watcher

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Welcome back!! Congrats to you guys and the kiddos!! I hope you get the position you are looking for!


Purple_Scrubs, BSN, RN

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Thanks! I just got back from talking to the director, the nurse supervisors, and the HR guy. I should be able to start back after the holiday, if not sooner! I don't know what school I'd be at yet, but the director said she has a perfect spot in mind for me [emoji4]. I'm really excited and can't wait to get back!

Great news and welcome back. You have a full plate there with all those kiddos and thank you so much for giving them a home!

I retired from school nursing about a month or so ago. Very grateful but still hang around this forum.

I work hospice only now.

Thanks for letting us all know what is going on in your life. Good luck on the job.

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Welcome back! Fingers crossed you get the job :)