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  1. Recently I was offered a job via the telephone. I was told I would be receiving the offer written by email. Well two days went by but still no offer. I re-contacted the HR representative that made me the offer via email, which was an ongoing thing for me to have remind this person of things. I informed this person I had not received any email and wanted to know what to expect. They responded back that the offer had been sent to some "weird" email and preceded to ask if I was familiar with th email. Which I was not. At that point she sent the offer to my correct email but part of my name was wrong and my address was completely wrong. I informed her of this. To which she stated "let me make sure I didn't hired the wrong person." Well I guess she couldn't or wouldn't inform me how everything was wrong but did express she was sorry. My concern is one of the emails i received had a link to a prefilled formed containing all my info from address, ss#, dob, etc. Initially I had to make a password. One was not already set. So I am worried about someone accessing my personal info with a very similar name to mine. Should I take any actions?
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