Student moms: schools with on-site daycare?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of any schools in the Chicago area (preferably Near West Suburbs) that have an on-site daycare for days that my husband is working? I am desperate to get started on my prerequisites but need to make sure my kids are being well looked after. Anyone have any other options? What did you do? Also, what are reasonable daycare rates for students in this area?

    Thanks a bunch! :redpinkhe
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  3. by   RaeMae
    Hey Banana
    Just wondering if you were ever able to find a program that had day care? I am hoping to start an LPN program this fall but am having a baby in July (scared for both!!!) but I don't know how I'm going to work school around baby. Any thoughts?
    Hope you're well and found something!
  4. by   dianabanana
    Just wanted to update for the people googling the same thing and ending up here: Morton College in Cicero has a great nursing program and they offer inexpensive daycare and free preschool for children of full-time students.