St. James Chicago Hgts/O. Fields

  1. can anyone give me some insight on New grad salary and the math test prior to the interview? Is this a good place to begin my nursing career or should i keep looking? HELP
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  3. by   poppycat
    I don't know about their hiring process but are you aware that the Chicago Heights hospital is closing? I did all my nursing school clinicals at the Chicago Heights location & would never have worked there. The whole system promotes the "doctor is God" mentality. If you are sitting & a doctor comes in, they expect you to give them your chair.

    I, unfortunately, was a patient there after a minor surgery & they managed to overdose me with pain meds to the point where I had to be sent to ICU.

    There are other, more reputable hospitals in the south suburbs. I would steer clear of St. James (both locations).
  4. by   Peekaboo3
    No, I didn't know. Thank you for the heads up
  5. by   MrChicagoRN
    You can try Mercy in Chicago, Christ, South Suburban, all South of the loop.
  6. by   poppycat
    Also Ingalls in Harvey.