scrubs in chicago

  1. Where can I go without paying $50 a pair or have to worry about my car being stolen while I'm in the store?
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  3. by   oncrn17
    Where are you in Chicago? Uniform store on Elston has free parking lot. Uniform store in Water Tower Place has a parking garage, but it may be discounted with a purchase. Catalog shopping is a consideraion, too. I have also had luck with EBAY as nurses sell their uniforms because of changes in jobs or colors at work. Good Luck!
  4. by   EmergencyMedicine
    Good location, go to the one on elston, take that train/bus
  5. by   fournee
    Cars are stolen everywhere, not just Chicago. Crime can and has happened everywhere.
  6. by   CNA_PsychTech
    Can someone tell me what to do in a situation with Livescan?
    I paid this place in Arlington Heights , $35.00 they sent non readable
    prints in knowing that the scanner was not accepting the print.
    Then I go to do over because they got rejected and no on e
    stays at t he building to do this .I drive several miles only to find
    that upon my arrival no one is there!
  7. by   lala_bee
    Another good place to go to is Conway. They have several stores around Chicago land area. I live in Southwestern burbs, so the closest one I know about is North Riverside Mall. The tops are like $3.99-5.99, pants about the same price. Sometimes they have Dickies too! You can also try A.J. Wright that has cheap scrubs too. You can google the stores, and locate the closest one to your home. Hope this helps, have a fun shopping spree!
  8. by   inspired26
    Working class or working wear. They have one located in countryclub hills,illinois. I have purchased some from family dollar and walmart. Believe it or not Walmart has some cute scrubs that are made of pretty good material, but I like dickies and cherokee because I have hips and I am petite. Good luck with your search.
  9. by   tushin1
    Try Based in Mundelein but they have affordable scrubs in the popular brands. They are inexpensive and have flat rate shipping so you are not gouged on the shipping fee. Nursing Scrubs | Nurses Uniforms | Medical Scrubs |
  10. by   simvee
    Working Class is expensive IMHO.

    Does anyone have any experience with Chicago Scrubs Outlet? Saw their good reviews on Yelp.

    Speaking of which, here's a Yelp search for ya:
  11. by   Noimanurse
    Try online shopping, keep your car in your drive.
  12. by   Servingshots
    Online shopping for sure
    Great deals, great quality, and def. wont get your car stolen
  13. by   ook581
    try that's where I got my scrubs