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  1. Hi. I was considering enrolling in the University of IL school nursing certification program for IL.
    However, I'm concerned about the testing requirement for school nurses in IL. My understnding is
    that one should pass a basic skills test geared for teachers prior to enrolling in the U of I program.
    Is it true that one has to take the basic skills test required of new teachers to become a certified
    school nurse in IL? Anyone take the test? I have a BSN, but have not been in school for quite a while.
    I don't want to enroll in the U of I program and later find that I cannot pass the basic skills test required
    for certification.
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  3. by   luvapug
    We had to take a basic skills test in our state to become certified as a school nurse and if you passed nursing school you can pass this. It's what it says it is-"basic". I was worried too but it's really pretty easy. I think you look online for 'basic skills test' and your state and find a little more info on what it entails.