Rush Gem spring 2017

  1. Hey!
    I have a 2.99 cumulative gpa, and I wanted to apply to the Rush GEM program for spring 2017. I have lots volunteer experiences in nursing homes and hosptitals. Additionally, I have shadowed physicians and RNs. I currently work as a CNA. I took the GRE, and I got a 305 with an AWA score of 4.5. Does Rush look only at GPA, or do they look at the person. Should I even bother applying?
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  3. by   BBsnow
    It doesn't hurt to apply. Has NursingCAS verified your coursework and GPA yet? Since they are not accepting anymore applications after Aug 18th I believe. I also work as a CNA, and your GRE is not bad, but they look how well you do in a rigorous academic program.
  4. by   nessaissema
    I did apply, and I am glad I did. I took several courses at a community college. Nursingcas calculated my gpa to be 3.06☺.
    I know at Rush, if you meet the minimum requirements, you will get an interview. Guess what, I did get an interview!!! That interview will make or break me, though!