RN Licensure by endorsement question

  1. This may be a dumb question, but I just want to make sure before I send in my application.

    I am a new grad with no work experience with an active license in Illinois. I want to apply for a license in Colorado. I have all the paperwork ready to go, Im just curious, if my application for licensure in Colorado is approved, will my license in Illinois still be valid?

    In other words, can i have two active licenses in both states? I just want to make sure because Im not sure which state I will be practicing in.
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  3. by   gaylarn4
    absolutely! I have one in two states-you just have to pay those wonderful biyearly fees, and keep up the ceus required
  4. by   kujomonster
    OK, Thank you!
  5. by   law66
    Be careful, any licensee who obtains a discipline in one state will have to pursue an action in any State he or she has a license.