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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone submit Resurrection nursing program sample day time or night schedule. I am planning on applying but have to figure out and adjust my work schedule.
    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   lj18
    It varies. Because it is a small school certain classes are given at one time. An example would be for daytime program 16 months Monday through Friday lectures and weekend clinicals or night time classes between two to three classes a week and clinicals start second semester weekends while this model is 20 months long. But it could be different. It varies and you won't officially know till orientation.
  4. by   FutureNurse0201
    Thank you for your reply. Would you say it is possible to work? I am willing to find a job that would fit my schedule. Also, you said day time program is Mon to Fri and clinicals on the weekend. I thought it was only Mon to Fri (with clinicals). Are you currently a student? Can you share your schedule please?
  5. by   lj18
    I've read people do it but it's recommended not to. So it's really your own preference if you can, great. If not it's not uncommon for you not to work. Hope that's helpful.