Reading/Math test @ Lutheran Gen. Hos...Help.

  1. Has anyone ever taken a reading, writing and math test at Lutheran General Hospital as part of the interview process? Do they time you, let you use a calculator? etc...Any insight would be helpful. I'm a bit nervous. Thanks.
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  3. by   netglow
    Wow that's wierd. Part of Advocate system, I wonder if this will be throughout? I know they had a online psych type test if you responded to an ad online. If you failed it, you would be banned from applying to jobs for 6 months.
  4. by   Katherine78
    Luckily, I passed the online psych I have to take the reading & math test. Was just wondering anyone had taken it? I think there are different types of test for different positions.
  5. by   CManteck
    A friend of mine works at Lutheran General, but never had to take any test like that during the interview process. However, she started working there a few years ago, so perhaps they updated their interview process. Either way, I am sure they would let you utilize a matter what type of exam people take these days a calculator is usually available.