oncology nurse moving to chicago -- any advice?

  1. I'm moving to Chicago in May and am starting my job
    search. I started at UCLA as a new grad and have since travelled to Stanford and
    NIH. My experience is in oncology and I just got OCN certified. I only have
    about 1.5 years experience though. Anyone have any advice on how to get a job in
    Chicago, etc.? Is it super competitive right now?

    And a few more specific
    1. How much are Chicago hospitals paying..? I'm used to
    ~$40-$45/hr and assume it's not that high.
    2. Does anyone know what hospitals
    are particularly known for their oncology units, and does anyone have any in's?
    According to US News, it's the obvious UChicago, Northwestern, Rush.
    What's a good place to live for a couple of 24yo young professionals?
    4. Do I
    need a car?

    I'm nervous about the move.. any input would help immensely,
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