Omega Technical School for LPN Anyone??

  1. I recently went in to ask questions regarding the LPN program, it seems a little off and disorganized. Class schedules are never regular, they don't really offer any morning sessions and many if not most of the instructors have very heavy accents and don't fully understand what you are saying/asking. The pre courses are very expensive that is why I am taking them at a community college and the courses do NOT transfer to any other instituion, I think this holds true for most of the private LPN programs here in Illinois, most are not accredited. The only way to get into an RN program is having the school accept your licensure is it worth the time and risk? It's about 18,000 for the program and about 5k for the pre-reqs. Has anyone ever attended here before that can give me an Idea of what it's all about? Has anyone tried transferring into an RN program? Did you run into any problems? Thanks again.
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