Nursing license and parking tickest

  1. Will parking tickets in Illinois stop my nursing license from being issued? Even if I'm on a payment plan? I just passed the nclex last week I need to know about how long this process is goin to take.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    The BON in the state you are planning to be licensed in is the only one who can answer that. Call them.
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  5. by   Felisa Mendoza
    I awas not able to renew my license for almost 4 years it expired 2014. I want to pursue my immigrant application after my agrncy abandoned me in 2014. Can i still renew or reactivate my license? Or i need to retake the nclex? I hope you could help me with my problem. Thank you vety much.
  6. by   QuietRiot
    Most likely not. Parking tickets are usually issued by a local municipality... Your license is issued by the state. So you should be fine.