Nursing in Chicago

  1. Does anybody know what the starting salary is for a new grad in Chicago is?

    Or, in general, how are nurses paid with a few yrs experience as an RN in Chicago?

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  3. by   flowerchick
    I don't know about experienced RN's, but in the suburbs, it's roughly 22.00 an hour base (shift differentials vary)

    Edited to add: For new grads. This new grad apparently needs more coffee! LOL
  4. by   chelli73
    I am on the south side of Chicago and that sounds right: anywhere from $20.75 to $23.75 from what I hear....
  5. by   Marz
    I work in the suburbs, have 2 yrs experience make $24 with $4 shift diff from 3p-7p
  6. by   Gompers
    Yep, sounds pretty average to me. In the city and suburbs starting pay is about $20-24 per hour for new grads. I'd add maybe a dollar or two per year of experience. Remember that while the city hospitals often pay a dollar or two more per hour, they also charge an arm and a leg for employee parking! Some take over $100 a month out of your paychecks!