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  1. Does anyone know if Northwestern hires new grads for L&D, NICU or any other women's health positions? I looked on the website for the women's hospital but it doesn't say much about new grads...really I am looking for any hospital that takes new grads for L&D in the chicago area, anybody know which ones do?
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  3. by   LolaSN007
    Not for L&D, and ER. I had clinicals there and recruiters spoke with us. This was in 2006. I know 2 people hired for post partum. I don't know if things have changed with the new hospital opening.

    I know for sure Il Masonic and Lutheran General do hire new graduates for NICU, & L&D
  4. by   312ICURN
    Check out RUSH's job openings and St. Mary's on western and division:
    They hire new grads for L&D and NICU.

    Good luck to you!