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  1. I currently live in Hawaii and will be graduating with a BSN in 2010. Am planning on relocating to the Chicago or Rockford area. My husband is from the area. I am a older student and have 20 years experience as a CNA in med-surge and long term care. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I should approach finding a job once I do my NCLEX (which I intend to do right away) grad programs ect.. I have only visited briefly the area before and so this is a big change for me.
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    New Grad programs are just about non-existent around here. I am new to Chicago as of this summer and have been looking for jobs ever since I have been here. I haven't had much luck yet (but I haven't passed the NCLEX yet either). I have higher hopes once I pass. But I like a few websites for finding jobs and they are... and
    Using these websites and checking different hospital websites for their job openings is probably your best bet. Hope this helps!
    You will love Chicago!