New grad in NW Chicago burbs--advice welcome!

  1. Hi all--so I am a new grad (BSN-RN) and have been searching for jobs in hospitals in the NW Chicago burbs. Any advice on where else to go? I've gone to Advocate, St. Alexius, NW, Sherman--have heard back from some and not from others. Some of them have nurse recruiter numbers listed that I can ask my questions to, others don't and the HR person doesn't know anything about their new grad program!! If you know of a hospital that has a direct nurse recruiter and they have a new grad program, (have a passion for L&D..but am open to others), could you please respond with a direct phone number??!! I'm really wanting to stay in the area and not relocate--we just moved here!

    Also, any advice to get my name dropped so they'll pay attention to my resume?! I really want a great new grad job with a great program and not just thrown to the wolves--PLEASE HELP ME!!

    Thanks guys and have a blessed day!
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