LPN pay

  1. Now that I have my LPN license what kind of pay scale can I look forward to. I am centrally located between Effingham, Centralia, Vandalia. Are there places that should be avoided. any inside tips will be appreciated. I hope my first job as a nurse is pleasant.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Why not look into some of the places you did clinicals? Call and speak to their Nurse manager or DON,, maybe nursing administration. I must admit im surprised you didnt hear some of that as you went through school though, thats usually something openly discussed between classmates.
  4. by   er_angel2000
    most of my classmates were closer to Salem and Mt Vernon and I was closer to Vandalia so they talked alot about places that I hadn't ever heard of. I wish I had clinicals closer to my home that would of give me a heads up.
  5. by   meownsmile
    It doesnt really matter, most places the pay for LPN is fairly equal give or take a few bucks.
  6. by   volsfan
    I am in Peru - LaSalle area and was hired a year ago just out of LPN school as a Pediatric Home Health Nurse. They offer new grads $ 16.00/hour days and $ 16.50 for nights. This was the highest I found.