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  1. Hi, everyone!

    Just moved here in Schaumburg, IL. I have a BSN degree and currently holding an inactive IL license. How's the job market for nurses here in Illinois right now??
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  3. by   rn undisclosed name
    I don't think it's very good. New grads are having hard times getting jobs. I am an experienced nurse who is experiencing huge fluctuations in my hospital. We are currently on a hiring freeze. I am very worried I may not have a job in the very near future. I am getting cancelled once a week and my unit was recently closed but has reopened. You are not too far from Alexian Brothers and they have many openings so maybe things are better at that hospital. It is too far for me. If your license is inactive you may have a hard time getting a job becaucse you don't have recent experience.
  4. by   Leis23
    ok. thanks for the heads up. I'll try Alexian Brothers. :-) Hope the job market here in IL will get better and that recession finally gets lifted soon! Good luck to us!
  5. by   emly
    I think it's opening up a little, but definitely better for BSN than ADN. I looked at Alexian Bros jobs the other day and just about all of their positions require 2-3yrs of experience, w/ very few exceptions.