JJC USF Bridge vs USF Direct

  1. I have been accepted into both nursing programs but dont know what to do. Cost wise JJC is best but they only have the associates program, USF offers the bachelors program. Schedule wise JJC fits me better.
    Has anyone done, or currenlty doing the bridge program. How do you like it? How long after completing the JJC program do you have to go to USF to get your bachelors? (is it online or in class) would you have done anything different? I need to make a decision quick and it seems like both schools aren't giving me much information. JJC tells me to talk to USF and USF tells me to talk to JJC.
    Bottom line I am going for the associates but USF told me if I get the associates first I will not be able to get grants or scholarships for the bridge program and will have to pay or get loans.
    Any info is much appreciated!
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