Is chamberlain college of nursing hard to get into?

  1. Is chamberlain hard to get into?
    Also, do they count the science section of the hesi a2?

    Any feedback would be great.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   mz.snuggly1
    Not really! They based it off more so your transfer grades from college or high school to see your work ethics. They count all sections of the Hesi A2 exam except Physics.
  4. by   Rachelj1222
  5. by   mz.snuggly1
    YOUR WELCOME! I won't be starting until October in the Chicago campus. When and where will you be start?............... Because I"M READY!
  6. by   Rachelj1222
    I am also trying to get into the chicago campus in october! How was the hesi test? I'm freaking out about it.