How long did it take you?

  1. I recently sent in my application for licensure along with my licensure fee after receiving my NCLEX results in the mail. How long did it take for you all to get your license number?

    In addition to this, I'd appreciate any advice as to how to explain on a resume that I have passed the NCLEX and am just awaiting my license number.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    In Illinois you can verify your licensing on the IDPR website, sometimes several weeks before you actually get a paper license in the mail. As far as your resume, you wont need to put your license number on the resume. Use license pending status. ie. John Doe RNLP is a legally acceptable title for someone who hasnt yet recieved confirmation of their licensing. The facility will check themselves on the status of your license. Be able to produce your acknowledgment that you in fact passed and graduated and passed NCLEX and let them take it from there.