Hourly rates in Chicago?

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    I'm an RN in AZ and relocating to IL. I've applied at UIC, RUSH, & Uof C. Also I've been submitted for travel positions at Our lady of Ressurection and Advocate Trinity. I'm looking for an idea of what I'd be making at at UIC, Rush or U of C. I currently make 28.10 on day shift of an ICU stepdown unit (2 years experience). And any info on these places would be very helpful!! Any help would be great!
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  3. by   cyb
    [font=franklin gothic medium]hi there, i hope that the following info is still important. i work at the resurrection hospitals (www.reshealthcare.org) and according to my survey new nursing grads make $25.00 per hour and registry ( which means whenever needed) make $35.oo per hour. good luck.