Future RN!!!

  1. Hey Nurses!!
    I have recently started my first year of college! I am attending WCC! So far I love it!!
    Of course I'm Majoring in Nursing. I am planning to do the RN program that they have. I'm very excited to start this new chapter in my life! However I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I also have a Learning Disability since a young age... Made school difficult and I struggled more than other student BUT I'm not giving up!
    My concern is that I'm not the best at Bio but tbh I love the information that I learn in lectures pretty cool!!
    Did anyone Graduate from WCC RN Program? If so, How was it?
    How about anyone with ADHD or LD? How did you make it?
    Basically any advice would help!!
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  3. by   poppycat
    What does WCC stand for?

    You should take a look at the "Nurses with Disabilities" forum. There are quite a few threads about nursing with ADHD & learning disabilities.