Fingerprinting for out-of-state applicants

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just applied with the Illinois BON to take the NCLEX and am at the stage where I have to get fingerprinted. I currently reside in MI but am taking the IL boards. How do I go about being fingerprinted? I have read through the packet a million times and still don't understand what I am supposed to do.

    Can anybody help???

    THANK YOU!!!!
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  3. by   chi-town_rn
    From what I remember you need to contact the IL BON and request a fingerprint card then take it to your local or state police that can do a paper fingerprint card then mail it to one of the approved fingerprint processing places in IL (FYI they both charged me a fee neither was a lot of $$). Call the IL BON they will send you the card and the current list of companies that can process your fingerprint card. That is what I did when I moved, but I was already an RN not sure if its exactly the same. I would just call the board the number is in your paperwork they were really helpful. HTH & Good Luck .