Finger from kuwait

  1. Hi
    I am an indian. I dont have any ssn nimber.I applied for NCLEX RN EXAM through continental tesing services for Illinoi.
    How can I complete my finger print from kuwait
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  3. by   Tats89
    Email IDFPR (their email is on their website) and ask for a fingerprint card (you have to give them your name,adress and profession).Take the card and get fingerprint in your country and send the card and the form (I don't remember the name something like OPS) to accurate biometrics with the payment (go on their website and click on out of state applicant, everything is explained). After everything is done wait a few days and call Accurate to ask them for a receipt , they will email you one that you can join to your 4 pages applicant form for CTS.
    Hope I'm clear enough