1. Hi,
    Anyone here from Evanston,
    I'l be moving there in dec 2007, to join my boyfriend who wil start an MBA at Kellogg.
    I'm from The Netherlands and never been in Evanston.

    Anybody have any suggestions about the hospitals in the area??

    I hope somebody can help me!

    greetz J.
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  3. by   oMerMero
    check out evanston northwestern hospital. I have heard great things about it.
  4. by   flowerchick
    Have you investigated the area hospitals? I've heard positive things about Highland Park Hospital.

    If a small commute wouldn't be an issue for you, I work at Lake Forest Hospital and would most definitely recommend it.

    Welcome to Illinois!
  5. by   dutchnurse24
    Thank you!!!
    i'll check your recommendations out.
  6. by   Jolie
    Evanston is a great area with a number of quality healthcare facilities within a short distance. Check into Northwestern, and if peds interests you, Children's Memorial is one of the finest facilities in the country.