Dialysis Tech Schools

  1. I actually am applied to Sanford Brown in Skokie for Dialysis Tech and I heard about Jethro healthcare school can anyone give any advice which one to go to.
    Sanford Brown program is for 15k but no review,Jethro has a review for the test but i dont know what price their program is at.
    althought the one at sanford brown is realli far than the one at jethro in des plains, so can anyone tell me which one is the better school,pros and cons?
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  3. by   Chris NS
    dose anyone know sanford brown in skokie is any good?
  4. by   Chris NS
    ot if you went to them
  5. by   mmcmramona
    Hi I was thinking of going to Skokie Brown for dialysis tech but heard about Jethro can anyone let me know which they recommend or the difference I've talk to both an SB does not give CCHT exam and Jethro does and is a lot cheaper by 14k so does anyone have any recommendations thanks