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Hi! I thought I would start a thread for those of us who have applied for the Fall 2012 Nursing Program at the City Colleges of Chicago. I have heard that they are letting people know on April... Read More

  1. by   Katja508
    Losing my mind: Dr. Gurney called me at around 2:30 and told me I was a great student and they would love to have me but they didn't see my Math scores. Well, I took Math 7 years ago at a university in Missouri. I told her I had sent the transcripts and she said that I needed to call Truman and ask then what the problem was. So I called and was told that they did not have them, never saw them, had no record of them and the person that could help me was "in a meeting off campus".

    So, I called the university in Missouri and asked for confirmation of them sending the official transcripts. They said they sent them in October. I checked the address, everything matched up. SO, I call Truman back. Same story. I called Dr. Gurney and told her the whole story. She said she would call Truman and see what she could do. That was almost two hours ago.

    I called back the university and had them send an email to Dr. Gurney stating that when they sent the transcripts and even all the Math information (grade, course number, etc).

    I cannot believe this is happening. I am so, so upset right now. I did everything I was supposed to do and still might not get in because someone LOST my transcripts!
  2. by   Mu2012
    Sorry to hear that Katja508. I don't know about mine,too. I pay almost $200 for high school evaluation but they didn't get it if I didn't send it again.
  3. by   Bethany1975
    No Way!! I'm am so outraged too. I really feel it will work out alright for you.

    I will tell you they did almost the same thing to me. About a month ago I got a call from Truman saying they didn't have my HS transcripts. Well, first off, these transcripts are from 20 years ago. Really that's not the point. I had turned in my HS transcripts. I've been taking classes at Truman on and off since I graduated HS. I agured for a bit and in the end they said, "We don't have them. If you want to be considered for the program we need them by tomorrow". I couldn't believe it. Luckily I went to HS close by and went straight there, paid $20 and they handed me the transcripts.

    I don't think any of us will be getting an email today if they are still locating transcripts and such.

    Really, Katja, I have a good feeling about your situation.
  4. by   Katja508
    Thanks, Bethany. I'm so nervous. You know how they can be with the red tape! If it doesn't get worked out I don't know what I'll do!

  5. by   smrecendez
    I feel all of your frustration. This will be my THIRD year applying to the nursing program at Truman College (I didn't apply last year because I was pregnant). The first year I applied it was a lottery system that didn't take into account anyone's GPA, but I wasn't accepted. The second year they made it a point system, and even though I was enrolled in Bio 227 and Micro 233 that Spring, they didn't take that into account and said that I didn't have enough classes. Mind you, during this year I was doing student work study in the Dean of Instruction's office. I saw first hand how disorganized the entire application process was. Although I helped put information packets together, hosted over five Nursing Orientation Sessions, and helped out in the Nursing Dept. on a regular basis I still received a letter of rejection signed by my own boss! Last year I didn't apply because of my pregnancy, but many of my friends did. Everyone applying was told that the point system would utilized again. When the acceptance and rejection letters went out it turned out that CCC had disregarded the point system, and based their acceptances purely on GPA. This sent me into a fit, because the three years I had been finishing off my pre-reqs for Nursing I had been concurrently taking classes that I didn't need for the Nursing program (like English 102, Spanish 101, and Spanish 102) to fill out my schedule. I knew the science courses were the ones that the Nursing dept. looked at, so I half assed the classes that I didn't need in order to make good grades in the ones that I did and ended up with C's in those three classes. Also, I had to take Math 98 & 99 (adds up to 9 Credit hours for both classes), who were both taught by HORRIBLE professors, so I made C's in both those classes (but I made a B in Math 128). Those 5 C's brought my accumulative GPA to 2.79, which didn't matter the prior years, but now since that's one of the main things that they look at it made it detrimental to my acceptance. So I spent the entire summer and fall semesters RE-TAKING classes that I don't need to get A's and bring up that dirty little GPA to a 3.14. Now I'm hearing that they won't even look at anyone with less than a 3.2?!?! That, my friends, is a load of crap. Especially because I scored advanced placement of 78 on the TEAS exam. If I don't get in this semester (and I have been going crazy these last two months with anticipation), then my Bio 120 will be too old to count for the following year & I'll have to re-take that! I've put so much time, money, and work into this. Please CCC, respect my time and send the emails when you say you will. If you do get accepted you are expected to have a full physical and drug test completed by June 1, but if we don't receive a response until "sometime in the beginning of May" as I was told by Venisha in the nursing department at Truman today, then how are we expected to complete this in time? After hearing May I was quick to get on the phone to Dr. Gurney. She told me that hopefully by this evening we would receive responses. They are having trouble with the transcripts. Thing is, I've taken ALL my classes at Truman, so I'm in their system, so just let me know dammit!!!! Well, It's 7pm and unless the district office downtown is burning the midnight oil, then there is no way that we will receive responses today. I'm just tired of the wait and frustration, but if I get in it will all be worth it, and if not, then BLAH!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you all, and I sincerely hope that when the Fall 2012 semester rolls around we will all be sitting pretty in Nursing Fundamentals at the City College of our choice.
  6. by   Katja508
    Oh my! How frustrating for you, smrecendez! I guess that's what you get with City Colleges but, really, I expected at least some kind of organization! I just took a ridiculously hard A&P exam at Malcolm X and could barely focus on it! Hopefully they'll take that into account if I get a B! Haha! I sincerely hope we all get in! Ahhh!
  7. by   EmanEMT
    So many people are viewing this thread right now........we are so anxious
  8. by   Katja508
    Well, I'm giving up for the night! Good luck for tomorrow, all!
  9. by   Katja508
    I got the email at 1:43am! I got accepted to the program at Truman!!
  10. by   Bethany1975
    I'm so happy for you Katja!!! WOW, I really really am.

    At least I figure the rest of us will know one way or another at some point today or tomorrow.

    I really don't have much hope but I just want to know so I can move on.

  11. by   marrajess
    That is great news, Katja! I hope the rest of us hear that kind of news too!
  12. by   needra21
    Congrats Katja!!!!
  13. by   purple_gal2014
    I would like to say good luck to everyone. Congrats Kataja! Seems like you had a frustrating day yesterday but it all worked out. Keeping my fingers crossed....hoping to get a response soon!:icon_roll