Chicago or Wiscosin?

  1. Hey there!
    So, I was born and raised in Chicago. I recently moved to Wisconsin about 3 years ago, and the area where I am located at is very nice. Well here is the deal, I just love the big city and I want to pursue a career in nursing in Chicago, but the thing is...the expenses!

    When I used to live in Chicago, the rent was about $700-800 dollars for a simple 2 bedroom apartment, and that was just in an ugly area. Where I live in Wisconsin, the rent for a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom is $450 and the town houses are $600. The city life in Wisconsin isn't all that great though.

    So I was thinking, where should I settle my career as a nurse? Will they pay even be all that great for a new grad student with a BSN?

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