Chicago Nurses Night Out

  1. Im looking to see about starting a "Nurses Night" in the Chicago area for current nurses and nursing students. I moved here a few years ago from Phoenix and they used to have a Nurses Night Out every year.

    I have spoken to several companies that are willing to come together and are willing to support an event. I believe that nurses need to meet others in their industry to network and know more about our industry and meet others outside our work place.

    Look forward to hear from other nurses in here and maybe we can set a date where we can have a nice get together. Summer is coming around the corner anyone interested let me know. I look forward to meeting everyone.
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  4. by   chicagomalenurse
    My goal is to have a Nurses night out where we can have food, drinks and any other suggestions that we can have. And of course an environment where nurses can meet other nurses to share information and have fun.
  5. by   StephMom&RN
    A lot of people expressed interest on your other post about this... Summertime is here!! Do you have anything set up yet??