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  1. hey all, does anybody know a hospital in chicago which is willing to petition visa for foreign nurses (i am a registered nurse from switzerland)?
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  3. by   nxt777
    il keep track on this thread. i am also a foreign nurse wishing to migrate to il.
  4. by   akropolis
    maybe i should point out that i am already living here in chicago and that i am also in possession of an illinois license for RN's.
  5. by   thegathering
    Hi, in the process of completing my application for illinois. Know any good hospital in Aurora, IL willing to petition foreign nurses?
  6. by   coogercub
    Call Thorek Memorial Hospital, willing to petition foreign nurses, great diversity
    of patients and staff. Community hospital with great opportunities. We welcome all people. 773 975-6764 ask for Pat
  7. by   thegathering
    Thank you coogercub. Appreciate the information.

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