Can someone explain renewing your license/requirements?

  1. This is the first time I will be renewing my license. I know that there are new requirements to do 20 hrs of continuing ed to renew for 2012. Am I still obligated to complete this if it is my first time renewing? I have read no, but I worry that it is correct.

    Also, what is the process for renewing? Basically just doing it online and paying the fee?

    Thanks experienced IL nurses!
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  3. by   greentea06
    hi i passed the nclex under illinois but havent got my license yet because i flunked my ielts exam last december, but just a few days ago i got my 2nd ielts result and my scores are higher and i reached the needed scores. even if i got the letter from cts that i passed last year 4/27/11 i can still apply for the license right? where do i send my ielts exam result? and should i send it together with the licensure application? hoping for your reply, thank you!
  4. by   traumaRUs
    W - you can find the requirements online at State of Illinois : Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

    Greentea06 - you might want to email them also as on this forum we are mostly US-educated. Another option would be to post in the International Forum.