Any CASPN/CASST students here?

  1. Just curious to see if there's any caspn/st students here? If so, hows it going???
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  3. by   notsoinnocentkali
    I just started Tuesday....
  4. by   angblueyes
    I take my entrance exam March 7th,07 for CASPN. Just wondering if someone could tell me the types of math i should study up on for this test. The rest of the testing should not be hard for me. I'm 39 years old and not up to date with the math. Thanks in advance
  5. by   notsoinnocentkali
    The Math is basic math. Alot of fractions, decimels, and percentages. I thought I was going to fail it and I passed it the first try. I have talked to more people who failed the English part of it if anything. The English part goes by how fast you can read. Hope that helps.

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