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Hi! All

I will be moving to a rural town in Texas soon and I am having difficulties finding a job. They have broke ground for a new hospital but I am not sure when it will open. I am a RN/ASN with Public Health,Triage and Pediatric experience.

If you had a resource in your town, what would you need.

I wonder if I can I create my own job but was wondering if there was anything that was needed in most rural towns, for example Private Visiting Nursing.

All responds would be greatly appreciated.

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If you live about 100 miles from a mid-sized or major city, you can sign up with an agency to work as a traveler to the next town.

I am in DFW, Texas. Many of the nurses who live in the rural counties outside the DFW area work in Dallas hospitals as travel nurses at pay rates that are substantially higher than the staff nurses. Also, the money could be so good that you'd only need to work 2 or 3 shifts a week.

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